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The purpose mold inspection,
testing, remediation and removal
whether commercial or residential
is to return any indoor environment
to it's natural state by bringing indoor
air quality into a range of mold, mildew
and allergen particles per sqaure inch. Mold
naturally lives everywhere and is no danger to
humans or animals until they reproduce and realease
toxins into the air that are capable causing illness and death.
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Mold Testing & Remediation in Michigan (MI)

MAS Labs is based in Michigan and is one of the most prolific mold inspection, testing and removal services in the industry. Our certified mold inspectors and remediation specialists utilize state-of-the-art mold and moisture detection equipment as well as measuring indoor air quality for homes and business across Michigan. MAS Labs has the experience, equipment and expertise to remediate even the most difficult mold colonizations and to alleviate the potential of future toxic mold growth for the well being of the inhabitants.

MAS Labs knows how to detect and kill mold with the most accurate detection equipment such as thermal imaging, as well as moderate to aggressive mold removal techniques such as dry ice blasting to kill mold and spores and leave any surface clean.

We're the best mold testing and removal service in MI successfully satisfying thousands of customers mold concerns. In Phase One, we'll locate and identify the mold colonies and spores as well as the sources of moisture and nutrition perpetuating the species. In Phase Two, we'll help repair the problems, especially the sources of moisture. Complete evisceration and removal is the final step. Once we're done, you're indoor air quality and environment will be returned to a state of equillibrium as it pertains to human health.

Who needs mold testing and mold remediation in Michigan?
Humans and animals are negatively affected by the presence of high levels of toxic molds. Many times, the sources of mold and mildew can be located in plain site and by the musty odors which are released by the toxins. Toxic molds such as Stachybotrys have the ability to cause mild to severe symptoms, disease and even death if chronic exposure continues. These symptoms and disease include but are not limited to allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, unproductive coughing, loss of hearing, loss of eyesight, certain cancers, brain and neurological damage and death.

These mold are actually very common in small doses but need to be removed immediately if the levels elevate to an unhealthy level, i.e. if you see the mold or can smell the musty odor created by the toxins released by the mold. If mold is needs to be killed now.

Mold most commonly grows in attics, basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, wet insulation, drywall, sinks, bathtubs, dryer vents and are aided by moisture, humidity and a food source. Home building material, rich with cellulose is the perfect food for mold to survive on. Moisture can be difficult to detect without using a thermal imaging camera. Most sources of moisture and frequently mold colonies are unable to be seen behind walls, ceilings and underneath floors. MAS Labs has the experience and equipment to detect hidden problems.

MAS Labs provides affordable mold inspections, testing, remediation and removal service to improve indoor air quality throughout Maryland (MD)

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