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The mission of a mold testing
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environment to a healthy and natural
state as it pertains to indoor air quality
by bringing the level of mold, mildew and
other allergens to an equillibrium as seen in
nature. Many molds release toxins which are
capable of causing mild to severe illness, disease
and even death. If mold is present...we're the remedy.
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Mold Testing & Remediation in Virginia (VA)

MAS Labs is a mold remediation company in Virginia and is a leader in the mold inspection, testing and mold removal industry on the national level.

MAS Labs knows how to kill mold simply by eliminating all sources of moisture and food which the mold needs to survive. Once these problems are solved we'll completely annhilate the mildew, mold and its spores restoring the environment to a normal, healthy living space.

Many people have allergic reactions and life threatening illnesses due to the high levels of mold and spores in homes and business across the state. The most harmful molds are those which release mycotoxins such as Stachybotrys which has been found to cause a wide variety of health issues and diseases in humans and animals with prolonged exposure to the poison. These health problems include but are not limited to allergic symptoms (runny nose, itchy eyes), loss of balance and coordination, neuroligical problems and permanent brain damage, loss of eyesight and even death. These toxic molds should be eliminated before the problem becomes a major issue. "Sick Home" and "Sick Building" Syndrome is serious.

We're the best mold testing and removal service in NJ as we utilize state-of-the-art mold inspection and remediation to locate sources of moisture and colonies of mold. Thermal imaging, indoor air quality reading and surface testing is typically the most effective way to accomplish this phase. In the second phase, we help fix the souce of moisture whether it be basement flooding, water infiltration, leaking pipes or appliances. Then MAS Labs techs will eviscerate the toxic mold and its spores to ensure no one is affected any longer.

Who needs mold testing and mold remediation in VA?
Humans and animals are adversely affected by the presence of high levels of toxic molds. If you own a home, a business or if you're a landlord and the inhabitants of the property are complaining of allergy-like symptoms or worse, it's time to have a thourough mold inspection. Particularly if you smell the musty odors produces my mold and mildew whereever a source of moisture may exist, whether visible or not.

Mold most commonly grows in attics, basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, wet insulation, drywall, sinks, bathtubs, dryer vents and are aided by moisture, humidity and a food source. Home building material, rich with cellulose is the perfect food for mold to survive on. Moisture can be difficult to detect without using a thermal imaging camera. Most sources of moisture and frequently mold colonies are unable to be seen behind walls, ceilings and underneath floors. MAS Labs has the experience and equipment to detect hidden problems.

MAS Labs provides affordable mold inspections, testing, remediation and removal service to improve indoor air quality throughout New Jersey (NJ)

Our highly trained, experienced mold inspectors perform mold testing and removal services in Richmond, Viriginia and throughout the state for residential and commercial office building mold remediation at the cheapest, most affordable price as compared to our competitors without sacrificing the quality of the task at hand. MAS Labs has been in business for over 15 years helping homeowners, business owners and commercial property owners alike provide a safe, healthy environment within the structure. Call today to learn how to kill mold which may be causing more damage as time passes and solve the mold problem now!
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